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(Seattle, Washington - WA, USA)

Famous for being home to the world's first ever Starbucks coffee shop, the city of Seattle is where the street-café culture truly began, with many thriving coffee shops and cafés spread throughout Seattle, offering a range of inexpensive snacks and breakfast options.

Eating Out: Places to Eat in Seattle

Of course, Seattle is also home to an impressive selection of restaurants, catering for all tastes and often specializing in seafood dishes. Many of the best seafood restaurants can be found in the city's lively downtown district, together with a range of cafés and bars. Fine dining abounds in downtown Seattle, with the most popular restaurants offering waterfront views and being conveniently located close to attractions and hotels.

One of the city's most famous restaurants is the spectacular SkyCity restaurant, which stands at the very top of the striking Space Needle and continuously revolves, offering both dining and panoramic views of the Seattle cityscape. For those looking to picnic, Seattle is also home to plenty of sandwich bars and colorful local markets, including Pike Place Market, where freshly cooked fish dishes are on offer.

Popular Restaurants and Eateries

Address: 1200 5th Avenue 3, Seattle, Washington (WA), USA
Tel: +1 206 682 4686
Website: www.benihana.com/

Canlis Restaurant
Address: 2576 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, Washington (WA), USA
Tel: +1 206 283 3313
Website: www.canlis.com/

Kingfish Cafe
Address: 602 19th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington (WA), USA
Tel: +1 206 320 8757
Website: www.thekingfishcafe.com/

Address: 1531 14th Avenue, Seattle, Washington (WA), USA
Tel: +1 206 251 7673
Website: www.spinasse.com/

Wild Ginger
Address: 1401 3rd Avenue, Seattle, Washington (WA), USA
Tel: +1 206 623 4450
Website: www.wildginger.net/

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